Wordle with Turtles

Daily Lessons

Wordle with Turtles Assignment

In order to complete the Wordle program, there are a few things you need to add:

  • Make a new method in GamePlay.py which can be called during process_input() with different colors in the different letter situations. Keep your code D.R.Y. (4 points)

  • Complete the check_game_end() method in Gameplay.py and implement checks throughout your game. Make sure the game actually ends -- remember we have a boolean which controls the end of the game in main.py. (4 points)

  • Make sure your settings variables are all implemented within your program (for example: when you change background value to a different color, it actually makes the change in your program). (2 points)

  • Add a minimum of twenty 5 letter words to your word list. (1 point)

  • Clean up your code. Get rid of methods or imports you didn't use. (1 point)

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