OpenSCAD: Final Project

Final Project

Your task for the OpenSCAD final project is to create a 3D printable solution to a problem. This could be a new invention or a novel variation on an existing solution. It could adapt / interface with an existing device or be a new idea. Take some time to generate several potential problems / solutions / ideas. Before beginning your final design, you will turn in a list of 10 potential ideas along with some simple sketches to illustrate your designs. It will be very important to have a well thought out sketch to model from BEFORE beginning your coding.

The following considerations will be expected in your project:

  1. The design must be printable. This means you have thought about the build plate and made sure your design can be supported as 3D printing occurs. This may mean splitting your design into multiple pieces.

  2. The design must be use variables. I will expect to see that variables are fully integrated into your design and allow quick refinement of your design between test prints.

  3. The design must be functional. The design must solve a problem or be useful in some way.

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