Competitive Robotics

The guide to getting involved in our school's FIRST Technology Challenge team.
Whether you're joining Gilmour's Moonshots or a different FIRST Technology Challenge (FTC) team, we hope this guide will ease the process.

Getting Started

  • Jump In Early: Don't wait! Attend team meetings, observe our workshops, and get a feel for different roles. Identify areas that ignite your interest and offer your help.
  • Choose Your Path: Our team operates through various sub-groups, each playing a crucial role in our robot's success:
    • Marketing Team: Be the face of the team, recruit new members, manage logistics, and prepare presentations for judges. Hone your communication and organizational skills.
    • Software Team: Dive into the world of coding, working alongside hardware engineers and the drive team. Maintain our codebase, troubleshoot issues, and post questions on online forums to expand your knowledge.
    • Hardware Team: Design and build robot components using CAD software, 3D printing, and various hand tools. Develop hands-on engineering skills and fix technical issues during competitions.
    • Drive Team: Take the spotlight by operating the robot during competitions. Strategize gameplays, execute maneuvers based on calls, and practice extensively to become a well-coordinated unit

Additional Resources: