5: Replit, GitHub, and repositories (Oh my!)


Learning Targets

  • I can connect replit to my github repositories

  • I can clone an existing repository, fork it, and extend the code to my own project.


  • You will submit a link to your GitHub repo.

  • You will create a game based on existing turtle classes

  • You will be asked regular comprehension questions about Python and Github.

Setup your github account.

Setup your replit account and connect your github.

Fork github.com/MrVanek/Interactive-Turtles and clone repository into replit.

Adding Moving Turtle

from turtle import Turtle

class ClassName (Turtle):
    def __init__(self, starting_x, starting_y):
        self.starting_x = starting_x
        self.starting_y = starting_y
        # General setup
        # self.color("black")
        # self.penup()
        # self.shape("turtle")
        # self.goto(self.starting_x, self.starting_y)
    def method_example(self):
        ## change the name and make the method work

Assignment and Rubric

Create an interactive turtle application of your own design. This can be a game or other interactive program, but it must use at least two of the three types of turtle classes we have outlined (moving turtle, keyboard turtle, clickable turtle).

  • 3 pts - Program works without errors

  • 3pts - Program uses two classes of turtle

  • 3pts - Program is interactive. Users can DO something with the program.

  • 1pts - Program is cleaned up (unused imports have been deleted, for example)

How do I...

...make multiple things move?

...write text on the screen?

...stop movement with walls?

...make a ball move diagonally and bounce off multiple sides of the room?

... create a background image and have it change later?

...set up and check a timer

...add a start screen

...Save a High Score in a File?

... add points from different objects to a single score?

... get objects to check each other for different properties?

...find the x and y position of my mouse on the screen?

...create a custom shaped turtle?

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