Class Overview


We will be learning programming concepts using GameMaker Studio 2's drag and drop interface as well as some simple GML code. All the concepts will be taught through the creation of games. Through PowerPoint instructions, you will be able to work at your own pace and return to concepts which might be confusing.

Mr. Vanek will be available to help if you have bugs that crop up in your programming and to clarify points in the tutorials.

In each unit, you will be responsible for completing an assignment which builds on the concepts you have learned. Feel free to flex your creative design muscles, especially in the assignment portion of the game. Adding extra features or finding new ways to accomplish them will help your game and your learning.

For the final project of the semester, you will be developing your own game. If you have good ideas for the form the game may take during the course of the semester, be sure to write them down.

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