4: Turtle Design App

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2/7 assignment PT 2


2/9 -- Extending the SuperTurtle APP Assignment

To finish off the superturtle app, we are going to add the following to our program:

  • Move the printing of the menu options to the helper function, but run it in main.py (2 points)

  • Add four_square to the menu options (you should have 1. add turtle, 2. star, 3. four square at this point) and make them execute when called. (2 points)

  • Add at least 3 new methods to the SuperTurtle class (whatever you want, but they should be obviously different than the things we wrote together.) Add the methods to the main menu and make sure they execute when called. (9 points)

  • Make sure you have a creative display! (2 points)

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