Game 7: Final Project
Computer Game Design Final Project.pdf
Please turn in the planning sheet answers by filling them out in a google doc and sharing it with me or by handing a printed sheet to me at the start of class.

Places to find sprite and tile assets

Royalty Free 2D Game Assets
Game Art 2D
Free 2D Game Assets -
Sprite Game Assets from GraphicRiver


All games need to:

  • Have a strong theme or genre. (2 points)
  • Run smoothly and as intended. (8 points)
  • Have at least three animated multi-frame sprites. (3 points)
  • Use 5 rooms (or utilize a procedurally generated room.) (5 points)
  • Get progressively more difficult. (2 points)
  • Be winnable and losable by the player. (2 points)
  • Use variables to control aspects of dynamic game play (i.e.; parts of your game should change in some way throughout the game. Power-ups, Getting new inventory/ materials, or level gain are examples of this.) (3 points)
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