Game 2: Tanks

Game Overview

Building The Game

1: Tank Design

2: Movement

Movement Part 2

3: Turret Rotation

Turret Rotation Part 2

Turret Rotation - A Quick Fix

4: Controller Diagram

5: Camera Control

6: Particle Effects

The above file is for the Tank Particles 1 video if you don't have access to Photoshop or Illustrator.

7: Materials

8: Destructible Environment

9: Audio

10: Split Screen View

11: Tank Targeting and Hit Points


Make sure all tutorial sections have been completed and all features are implemented correctly.

Add the following to your game:

1: Make the tanks a target with appropriate health. (Video was added above for this assignment) 2: Add a non-destructible wall with metallic material.

3: Create one extra piece of destructible terrain. 4: Add a secondary fire weapon (missile, artillery, machine gun, laser, mine, etc) with it's own particle system. 5: Make a power up that lasts for a limited amount of time and affects some aspect of the game (speed, fire rate, damage, etc). 6: Create three separate arenas with realistic materials for everything. 7: Create a start screen for your game. When a player hits Start, randomize the arenas and begin the game. 8: Add a win screen to the game and prompt players to restart once they both hit X.

9: Turn in the game through GitHub (make sure you set it up with a Unity GitIgnore).

Learning Targets

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