OLD: 5: Raspberry Pi


Learning Targets

  • I can connect to my Raspberry Pi via SSH.

  • I can deploy an app to a Raspberry Pi.


  • You will submit a link to your GitHub repo.

  • You will demonstrate your capacity to control your robot.

  • You will be asked regular comprehension questions about Raspberry Pis.


Printed Circuit Board (PCB)

Single Board Computer (SBC)

This is a PCB with all the basic components found in a personal computer (PC)

Microcontroller Unit (MCU)


Setup your robot

I'll help you remote control (SSH) your robot.

Check and Update

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get upgrade

Ready to shut down? sudo shutdown now

Local Python Practice

Now that we've left the fun environment of Trinket.io, let's first build a practice project.

Now let's go to VS Code and clone your forked repo.

The URL we need is: https://github.com/YOUR-USERNAME/TurtleChase

Now let's add some new features together:

  1. Add a button to change each player's color

  2. Prevent players from traveling off the screen

  3. Detect collision of players

  4. Wire up some other SuperTurtle methods...?

Now let's commit and push our code.

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