Primitive Modeling


In your group, you will create a community of buildings which should relate to each other and a theme of your choosing.

Your building should:

  • serve a different purpose in your group's community. (1 points)

  • be integrated into the community via the chosen theme. (2 points)

  • be in scale to the rest of your group's models (10mm = 1ft, for example). (2 points)

  • be modeled from primitives as well as sketch shapes. (4 points)

  • use several of the modify tools. (2 points)

  • include details that are unique to different sides of the building (as a person walks around it, it changes / has unique features). (3 points)

  • have appropriate textures for final renderings. (2 points)

  • include 4 finished renders of the building, each communicating a different detail. (4 points)

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