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Middle and Upper Schools' virtual classroom protocol

Gilmour Academy’s commitment to mission and education extends beyond the physical walls of campus. To ensure academic growth during a time of campus closure, we are implementing our virtual classroom plan to begin on Tuesday, March 31, 2020. We ask you please carefully review this document to familiarize yourself with the expectations of this temporary change to our learning model. The rest of this site is full of resources.

Part of this model is hearing from you, so please engage with us online and let’s rally as a community, online if we can’t do so in-person.


Teachers will mark a student present when the student interacts with the teacher on their assigned class day. Teachers submit their daily attendance at 4:15 PM EST. Students establish their attendance for the class by initiating contact with their teacher in one of the following ways:

  1. Submission of an assignment on the portal;

  2. Instant message on Hangout or Zoom;

  3. Web conference on Zoom; and/or

  4. Email.

Students are responsible for initiating contact to establish attendance for each class block. Be aware that teachers can establish classroom norms. For example, some teachers may require email correspondence rather than an instant message.


We ask that parents continue to report student absences. If a student will be absent from the virtual classroom, please email David Pfundstein, Dean of Student Life so we can update our system. Students are expected to communicate with their teachers and to make up any missed work according to departmental policy.

Daily Schedule

The school day runs during regular hours, 8:00 AM - 4:15 PM EST. Gilmour’s rotating schedule will be frozen, providing more predictable times for meetings with teachers.

  • Mondays will continue to follow the assigned T/Th and W/F schedule; however, there will be no late start for faculty professional development. Mondays will begin at 8am like other days of the week.

  • A Convocation email will be sent at 8:00 AM each day with the daily reading, Moreau moment, prayer intentions, announcements, and student prayer. This is a time designated for students to center themselves and prepare the day ahead.

  • All faculty will be online and available during scheduled class times and will be responsible for reporting attendance as described above. At the discretion of the instructor, classes may have scheduled synchronous meetups during their assigned block, but are not required to do so daily.

Class Expectations

To engage in a virtual learning environment, students are expected to:

  • Connect with each teacher for all scheduled classes that day (see attendance policy above).

  • Check Gmail frequently throughout the day. Teachers can use chat messages there, too.

    • Teachers will only communicate with students through their school Gmail accounts.

    • Faculty and students are expected to respond to emails within 24 hours.

  • Monitor assignments on the portal.

    • Teachers will have everything posted on the portal that students need for the day’s work by 8:00 AM EST.

  • Check your Google Calendar for appointments. Your teacher will schedule web conferences and the links to join will be in your calendar .

    • All live video conferences with classes will be recorded and posted to the portal for students who were not able to attend.

  • Submit work according to the details of the portal assignment. Work submitted after an assignment’s deadline is still considered late.

  • Monitor portal for grades and assignment feedback.

Time Zone Adjustments

Gilmour Academy now has students living all over the country and all over the world. Students living in a time zone other than EST (Eastern Standard Time) will not be required to participate in synchronous class activities, although it is certainly in their best interests if they can do so. These students will, however, be responsible for watching any Zoom recordings that teachers post to the class portal and for keeping up with any content covered in these meetings.

Teachers will clearly articulate in writing assignment due dates for students living in different time zones. It is up to the teacher's discretion to make reasonable adjustments to due dates based on the nature of the assignment.


  • Student concerns

    • Middle school: Jamie Kazel, kazelj@gilmour

    • Upper school: Samantha Johnson, johnsons@gilmour

    • Residence Hall students: Becky Reidy, reidyr@gilmour

    • International Students: Becky Reidy, reidyr@gilmour; Cassie VanGorder, vangorderc@gilmour Jianhu Du, duj@gilmour

  • Course content: email your classroom teacher

  • Attendance reporting: David Pfundstein pfundsteind@gilmour

  • Tech support: available 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM, helpdesk@gilmour

Get Ready

Review the student orientation and the topics in this guide. That will remind you to update your Windows/MacOS, update and scan with your security tools, and update all of your applications. Prioritize organizing your email inbox and your Google Drive as much as you're able.

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