Planboard is a daily lesson planning tool that is integrated with Chalk. Its user-friendly interface, intuitive features and streamlined organization add a little joy to the daily process of planning.

Accessing Planboard

Planboard is one of the tools embedded in, but can also be accessed by bookmarking Access to Planboard and Chalk requires logging in with your Google account and using your Gilmour credentials. This will ensure that you set up your daily schedule within the parameters of our school year.

Planboard is very intuitive! The setup instructions below will help you create your year and timetable in an appropriate way, but you will likely be delighted to find that Planboard is very easy to use and discover on your own, and a great addition to, or replacement for, the planning structure you currently use.

Why use Planboard?

Here is a broad overview of Planboard and its features from Dan, including how you can align your Planboard with existing learning standards and curriculum. If this seems overwhelming - do not fear! Starting with Planboard from scratch can look a lot more basic than this and still make your life easier. Read on for more!

Setting up classes

Adjusting your calendar

Daily Plans Interface

One of Planboard's biggest strengths is its simplicity and versatility. The video below explains some of the key features you can use to get the most out of Planboard.

Importing Previous Lessons

Sharing Your Planboard

There are many reasons why one may want to share their personal Planboard, for reasons ranging from daily sub plans to passing on curriculum to a new faculty member at the turn of the year. The video below highlights the various options for sharing your Planboard content with others. As stated in the video, there are so many ways to share your Planboard that to some degree it is just a matter of trial to determine which option you Iike best!

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