Booking Meetings

Let's look at a few tools that allow students to schedule meetings with you

Google Calendar

Google Calendar allows you to create meeting slots that your students can sign up for just by clicking.

Simply go into your Google Calendar and click on the time when you want the meetings to occur. When the pop-up appears, click on the “Meeting slots” tab on the right. Note that you can also alter the time, date, and duration of the meeting slots from this pop-up.

Make sure you're using Google Calendar using your school account (as indicated in the top right corner). Don't schedule meetings with students using your personal Gmail account.

If you click on the “More Options” button at the bottom left of the dialog box, it will take you to a different page where you can set the frequency of the meeting slots by making them repeat however you would like.

Now, when you click on the event in your calendar, you can click on the “Go to appointment page for this calendar” link, which will take you to a slightly different-looking version of your calendar. Simply right-click and copy that link address, then share it with your students via email (or even better, by placing it on your Portal page).

Now you’re all set up. Whenever a student clicks on that link, it will take them to below screen page, where all they have to do is click on a slot to sign up for it.

The following dialog box will show up for the student, and they just have to enter the details, like their name and what they want help with.

Once they click “Save,” you will receive an email inviting you to a meeting at that time slot.

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