Action cures fear. If you organize your responsibilities you can rise above stress


Whether you know it or not, you cause yourself stress trying to remember tasks instead of writing them down. Homework assignments, tests, chores, favors for friends, and so much more pile up on us every day. Give yourself some peace of mind by writing things down.

Rule 1: Keep items small

Avoid big items you can't finish in a single work session. Break tasks into smaller bits when you can. I sometimes break this rule and pick at big tasks before moving the task to the next day.

Rule 2: Clear list every day

Even if it's just moving all your items to the next day, always clear you list before you relax for the day. You'll find your free time to be much more enjoyable knowing your responsibilities are managed.

Rule 3: Add things right away

Use IFTTT to connect your phone's voice assistant to your Todoist account. Whenever you add a task to your to-do list on Siri or Google Assistant, have it copy the item to your to-do list with a due date of today. If you ever take your phone out in the middle of a conversation, be sure you apologize and explain you want to write a reminder. It shows you're polite and motivated to meet expectations.

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