Quick exchange of recorded assignment submissions.


Submit a video for an assignment from your phone or computer–fast and easy! No student accounts required!


Students just need a Flip Code from their teacher to join Flipgrid and start recording videos. No accounts needed. Using the Flipgrid app? Check out how to use the free Flipgrid app here!

Step 1: Enter the Flip Code

Your Flip Code is provided by your teacher to join the Grid. Enter the Flip Code exactly how your teacher provided. If you don't know your Flip Code, please contact your teacher for assistance.

Step 2: Sign in to the Grid

Depending on how your teacher setup your Grid, you will join using your School Email or a Student ID. If you have issues, please contact your teacher for help.

Recording a Video

Once in a Grid students click the green plus to record in three easy steps

Students can also record their own custom video and import it to Flipgrid using the button just to the right of the record icon. Learn how to import a custom video video into Flipgrid.


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