5: Google Drive app

This important process will let you manage your school files.

More than Drive

Google Drive is not just a website. Most people know about drive.google.com. But more people need to understand that there is an incredible sync tool that makes it more than a website for storing files. Google Drive File Stream creates a folder on your computer where you can use all your files without ever going to a website. This is one of the most important but also the most misunderstood tech concepts at school.

  • Share files or folders on your computer with your teacher or classmates

  • Easily transfer many large files from your phone to your computer

  • Keep your school files on multiple computers all in sync

  • Save hard drive space

Now the app is just called Google Drive. It used to be called File Stream and the personal edition was called Backup and Sync. If you see "Backup and Sync," uninstall that garbage and use the new stuff.



Once the app is installed, you'll have to open it and sign in with your school email account. Again, you may notice that the Google login procedure will redirect you over to Microsoft's login page.

Watch File Stream Work

Watch me create a folder called WOW on my computer and see it appear on my drive.google.com.

Now over on Google Drive's website, this appears:

Microsoft Word! Many teachers are confused about Microsoft Word on Google Drive. If you access your files only through Google Drive's website, working with Word files can be very frustrating. However, if you use File Stream, you can double click on your files like normal, while still being able to enjoy all the benefits of cloud storage and file sharing!


This is extra important! Teachers often struggle with students that don’t know how to properly share a file or folder. Select the Share button. You don’t need to do anything with this share button right now, let’s just look closely at the options so you know what to look for when your teacher asks you for a file.

Pay close attention to the permissions you're giving people. Read carefully and test your links!

Common Problems


Another thing you need to be aware of: You can drop a Word document into your computer’s Google Drive folder and it will then appear on drive.google.com. However, if you double click on a Word document while on the Google Drive website, it can automatically create a converted copy of that document as a Google Doc. Drive can open Word files so it makes a new copy. This can get confusing so pay attention.

Gmail, Google Drive, Sheets, Docs, and Slides all have loads of features that will make your life easier. Don't be afraid to look up tutorial videos.

Cool, you're now hooked up on Google Drive the website as well as the sync tool. You're now connected with our school files. If you're on campus, let's get you access to printers. If you're remote, skip step 6.

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