8: More Tools
Get your Microsoft Office and other handy tools.

Microsoft Office

Office 365 Login | Microsoft Office
Gilmour provides you with a free copy of Office that you can install on your computer. Login to portal.office.com to download and install the software.

Can you type fast?

It doesn't take long to learn and it'll help so much
We're going to sign into TheTypingCat.com with your school Google account. We're doing this for two reasons:
    When signing into a website for your classes, you need to remember to login with Google
    We recommend students make sure they can type above 50 WPM. TheTypingCat.com is a great place to practice.

Chrome Extensions

These are recommended and not required. They're great though and make life easier.


Grammarly for Chrome
You don't want to sound like a jabroni

Switch Tabs

This is a helpful add-on to Google Chrome that lets you flip back-and-forth between two tabs. Very helpful for students and teachers.
Switch between your two most recent tabs
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