Media Projects


Perhaps the greatest challenge to implementing a multimedia project in a classroom is designing the mandatory, frequent, and graded progress checks that make big class projects effective. Here are some ideas:

  • Ask for thoughts from other teachers that have done something similar.

  • You might want to first assess students' abilities to access help resources.

    • Do students know how to send you screen shots? "Everyone has to send me a picture of their shared Google Drive folder."

    • Can you bring in a guest teacher to talk about the technology?

  • Add assignments into the LMS in advance. Students see the graded checkpoints and take the work more seriously. Those assignments can also hold instructions on how to complete each milestone.

  • Share a Gantt chart, timeline or calendar of the project so students can see how the chunked assignments add up to a larger goal


Grading teamwork remotely can be challenging. A rubric on the LMS allows teachers to quickly click boxes that score students based on categories you've set up in advance. The student sees a detailed breakdown of their progress all in a hurry. And you can duplicate the assignment and its attached rubric so daily checks become a easier and more effective.

pagePortal (LMS)

Shared Folder

Students need to know how to set up a shared folder among a team so they can pool files and resources. Please look for ways to include Google Drive skills in your content. It's vital to our students' preparedness. Here's a link to the Google Drive guide we're building for students.

Project Management

Trello is an amazing product and should be used by any team attempting to complete a major project.

Google Sites

Try building a practice site. They've made the new Google Site's so much easier. The old version of Google Sites is still kicking around, so make sure you don't fall into that old mess. Look over the student instructions to Google Sites and request any additional steps be clarified in the material if it would help guide your students.

Video Projects

We use WeVideo at Gilmour Academy. Often teachers allow students to use alternate software if students' have experience elsewhere. However, WeVideo allows teachers to see collaboration in the works. That level of oversight and that aspect of teamwork is really attractive so some projects require the use of WeVideo.

Get your student accounts

If you have a site license, contact your school's coordinator of academic technology to get a link that will allow students to sign up. There are other ways to join, but passing out a registration link has been the easiest in our experience.


From the Admin tab, you can see your students, view their profiles, and examine their projects.

Add to the student guide

Send your students to the student WeVideo instructions. Please provide feedback so we can improve the student guide.

Provide feedback If you see an error or have a suggestion, please submit a response to this short form.

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