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We've got some powerful curriculum and planning software
We have an exciting partnership with We've worked very closely to hone their tools. We serve as an active case study and in exchange, we're helping drive product development. We must never forget the dark days of our previous and far more difficult mapping software.

Chalk's Tutorials are Great

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These are so helpful, I left a lot out here to instead focus on Gilmour-specifics


We're meeting our accreditation requirements and protecting the school's academic continuity by making sure every course has a curriculum map on with the following information:


We label the course with the initials of teachers currently responsible for maintaining that curriculum map. If you take over the map for someone, please rename it or create a copy and rename the duplicate.


Number of Classes

Semester classes have around 40 class sessions and year-long around 80. Your curriculum map's lessons should add up to one of these two numbers.
Several classes, like music classes, teach units simultaneously. Some classes don't progress from one unit to another contiguously. That's understandable. Kindly note this in your unit descriptions/overviews to help future teachers studying your work.

Unit Overviews

Every unit needs a few simple sentences offering a lay of the land.

Learning Targets

Learning Targets are the daily lesson goals that move students toward achieving a Standard. These goals are the most direct link between this "big picture" planning and the day-to-day
In the settings, you can link the curriculum map to a set of standards

Concepts / Vocabulary

Each unit needs a listing of concepts covered in your instruction. This could be in the "Big Ideas" section or in the vocabulary area.

Additional Resources

Our curriculum mapping requirements are minimal. They're meant to ease teachers' anxiety about the process. Consequently, many teachers ask how to extend beyond these expectations and plan more rigorously or use a curriculum template from an outside PD session. That's great! Attach as many files and links as you'd like!

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