Good Student Habits

Tips on how to succeed in a virtual classroom environment.

Designate a learning space

Identify a work space that minimizes distractions. This area should be comfortable and convenient, and it should offer easy access to all of the resources you might need.

Establish a routine

People that stick to daily routines are more productive and successful. During times of change, a predictable schedule sets the stage for improved focus and time management. Schedule time away from your screen and go outside for fresh air.


Keep in touch with your teachers, classmates, advisor and counselor. Send chat messages. Reply to emails. Fill out surveys. Reach out to your friends. Be intentional about connecting with others. Physical distancing does not require social distancing.

Strive for balance

Engage in healthy habits when working from home. Make your bed, shower, brush your teeth. Eat well-balanced meals and go outside for some exercise. Make it a priority to spend time away from your screen each day. Have some fun!

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