Lesson Content

Produce online instructional content and share it as lessons or units


It gets easier

Reusing videos from year to year, adding and honing your listings, really does add up over time. The more you invest in well-organized content, the easier next year gets.


Turn your lectures and demonstrations into homework so you can spend interaction time going with the application? That's right, we do direct instruction independently using the tools below and spend class coaching and assisting the application. It allows you to attempt more complex projects where hands-on assistance would be required.


Students struggling with language have speed and automatic translation options. Students missing class can use the take-home lecture content as scaffolding.


Here's a video showing you you can get started.

The web-based screen recorder has frustrated teachers in the past. Stick with the downloaded version. You'll need to login and download the client. Once you want to publish something, you'll need to link it back to your Screencast-O-Matic account. It'll pop open a browser and let you login with Google again. Easy. These links can then be shared with your students. I recommend building a GitBook or some other page to index all your recorded video.

Screencast-O-Matic is great outside of flipped lessons too. Answering questions remotely is so much easier. Give feedback on essays while you read them online. It's great!

LMS Topics

You can create lesson or unit pages right in your class. You can import topics from a previous year or from a school-wide shared collection. For Gilmour, this is type of page is preferable to building content on Google Classroom as it's harder for our families to access.

Also in the topic's settings is a checkbox to add the topic to the shared bank. Clicking that allows other teachers to import your content to their class.


This whole guide was made using GitBook. It's great and I'm grateful for the premium features they've provided us.


You need not write all your own content. Here's a growing collection of resources you can tap.

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