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7: Security

You have a responsibility to keep your machine clean while it's on our network.
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Operating System Updates

It's dangerously easy to assume nothing bad will ever happen to you. Viruses and computer hacks happen to our students. Again, please take this seriously and we can avoid most of it.
When major viruses and hacks break out, companies release updates to operating systems to correct vulnerabilities. To stay safe, you have to stay updated. Check around on your devices.


Let's check for software updates in "About This Mac"
From "About This Mac" you can check for a software update

More updates can be found here


On a Windows machine, press the Start button and type "Update"

Antivirus and Anti-Malware

Make sure you've got a copy of MalwareBytes installed. It's recommended that you upgrade your account so it runs active monitoring but it's not required. Running manual scans is sufficient so long as you remember to occasionally do so.
With your operating system updated and Malwarebytes running, you're now ready for our last step.