1: Microsoft Account

Your Microsoft account is super important, you should know why and how to log in.

This account is big

All your accounts at Gilmour tie back to your Microsoft account. Even when you log into Google, you'll be redirected to log into Microsoft. All your network access on campus uses this account.

You will be asked to set up account recovery options. You need these to get your password back in case your account is hacked or if you forget your password. Read the instructions and do it carefully.

Fun Fact There are two copies of this account that stay in sync: 1) your copy on Microsoft.com and 2) the copy on local Gilmour servers.

Having two copies of your account means changing your password on the Internet sometimes takes a minute to update the account stored inside our school's system, (networks are cool!). It should sync super fast but sometimes causes a delay in getting your devices online.

What's your username?

New students' accounts are firstname.lastname. There's a twenty-character limit on our account names, so if you've got a long name we may have had to truncate it.

Previously, we used your family name and the first letter of your first name, i.e. SmithJ. Faculty and some student accounts will still be in this format.

Now just add@gilmour.org

What's your password?

The temporary password is customized to your birthday with the street name of your home address and the month and day of your birthday. The format is Streetnamemmdd! — starts with a capital letter and ends with an exclamation point:

  • Directions such as East, W., etc. are not included: Address = "S. 113th St." and birthday = April 3, password = 113th0403!

  • Only first word of street name is included: Address = "44 Cherry Tree Lane" and brithday = January 1, password = Cherry0101!

Check-in with the Tech Department (helpdesk@gilmour.org) if you're not sure of your username and temporary starting password.

Go to this reset link and login with Firstname.Lastname@gilmour.org and with the password given to you by the fine folks in the Tech Department (helpdesk@gilmour.org). SET YOUR PASSWORD

  • Passwords must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Minimum of 12 characters long

  • Cannot contain a space or hyphen

  • Must contain at least three of the following:

    • Capital letter

    • Lowercase letter

    • Number

    • Special character ( ! @ # $ , % ^ & * _ )

Horray! You've got your school account setup. Next, we've got to set up Google Chrome with your school account.

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