1: Microsoft Account

Your Microsoft account is super important, you should know why and how to log in.

This account is big

All your accounts at Gilmour tie back to your Microsoft account. Even when you log into Google, you'll be directed to log into Microsoft. All your network access on campus uses this account. There are two copies of this account that stay in sync: 1) your copy on Microsoft.com and 2) the copy on local Gilmour servers.

Having two copies of your account means changing your password on the Internet sometimes takes a minute to update the account stored inside our school's system, (networks are cool!). It should sync super fast. We'll need that to get onto the WiFi and when setting up our Google account. Your Microsoft account is a big deal and we should give some thanks.

If you're using a school computer

Are you inside the school building using one of our computer labs? School computers are on our network domain so they can make it easier to access the Microsoft account stored at school.

This is in case you forgot what a login screen looks like.

What's your username?

Typically we'll use your last (family) name and the first letter of your first name, i.e. SmithJ. But sometimes we'll need to use more letters of your first name, SmithJo. So check in with the Tech Department if you're not sure of your username and temporary password.

Don't use @gilmour.org with your username when on a school computer

After you login using your account and initial password we've provided to you, you will press CTRL + ALT + DELETE to bring up the option to change your password.

Using your laptop

Out on the Internet, you'll usually need to specify @gilmour.org

If you've already changed your password from the default, you don't need to do this again. Go to account.microsoft.com and login with SmithJ@gilmour.org with the password given to you by the fine fellows in the Tech Department. You can use the page to manage your account in the future. You can also request password resets from this page, too.

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