Build online checks for understanding

Formative Assessments

The magic here is knowing right in the moment whether or not the class is getting it. Are you ready to move onto the next topic or not? This increases engagement and retention while giving valuable feedback to students and faculty.

Pear Deck

Here's a video from me showing how you can get started.

Here's a webinar on how to run Pear Deck in a virtual classroom:

Portal (LMS)

Don't forget you can give online assessments over our portal! Check it out:


Kahoot has a lot of issues but it can still be a fun class activity. Issues, you say? Well, because it's a timed challenge, students tend to rush so the accuracy of the data is off. That's okay because the data is hard to use and aggregate for trend analysis anyway. So it's not taken as seriously and thus students are also tempted to use offensive or mean names. It's gotten so popular now, there are even websites dedicated to spamming a session if your info is punched into such a malicious service. Kahoot can still be a fun review game, but be on your toes.