4: Portal (LMS)

Check your homework and the school calendar here.
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Enter your email address [email protected] (capitals don't matter to the computer in this instance). We now have SSO set up so you don't need a password. The first time you log in it will notify you of this.
When you first log in, you will be shown your account details and will be asked to verify the information. Don’t skip verifying your profile information!

Your classes

Normally, you’ll see your classes right next to the Groups button. But during summer, you don’t see the button because the courses aren’t yet active. You can still see your whole year’s courses if you select Find More.

LMS Calendar Sync

It can be very convenient to see all your rotating class schedule right from Google Calendar on your phone.
If you don’t follow instructions carefully here your calendar and your phone can get way too crowded. It gets annoying.
Open the LMS calendar and select the feed button
Right click on the School option and copy link address
Go to Google Calendar and add by URL
Change your calendar's label and color
You've logged onto the portal and know how to check through your groups and classes. Now we'll get Google Drive set up on your computer so you can share files with your class.