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Make video as a group. It all works through a website so you don't have to install anything.


WeVideo is a powerful, web-based video editor and our school maintains a subscription with this service.

Setting up your account

You should probably have received an email from your teacher inviting you to join. Use that link and log in using your school Google account.
This is the first of a playlist of videos


This is Justin Brown. He does a great job walking through the options WeVideo has:

Getting video from your phone

If the Google Drive app is on your phone, you can load the video on whatever app you used to record the video and look for a "Share" button. You should have an option to send the video to Google Drive.
You can share a file to the Drive app or upload it while using the Drive app
Start by recording your video:
Next, we make sure Google Drive is an option to share:
Select Drive
Save it to My Drive or select which folder it goes