2: Login to Chrome

For real. Logging into Chrome with your school account makes your life easier.

Use Chrome.

We’re going to setup Google Chrome as your default browser. It prevents a bunch of compatibility problems and makes your life easier as it will save you from some extra login screens.

No more Safari.

Do you need to install it?

You should know how to check if an app is on your computer already. If you don't know how to find that out, ask your world-class, super awesome Computer Science teachers to help you out.

Login to Chrome

You're logged in when your email address shows up in this menu.

Once you have downloaded and installed Chrome, sign into the browser using your school email, SmithJ@gilmour.org. You may notice that logging into your Google account, you’ll be redirected to Microsoft. Yes, you’ll need to type your email address a bunch. Sorry about the extra screens, but that lets us keep your accounts linked.

If you see this screen, go ahead and press "Link data"

Setup a bookmark bar

Students have been known to struggle finding all the sites used at school. Easy fix: we’ll just lock your bookmark bar under your address bar. Press CTRL + Shift + B on PC or CMD + Shift + B on Mac to toggle the bookmark bar. Your bookmark may appear blank and thus hard to tell when you’ve docked it to your address bar.

Try adding this guide to your bookmark bar. Right click and edit its name so it doesn’t take as much space

You can drag these links onto your bookmark bar, too:

If you install the Chrome browser on your phone and login with your @gilmour.org account, you can see these same bookmarks from your phone. It's a time-saver!

Fit more in your bar

By removing the labels on your bookmark bar, you can fit more into the space.