Test: L1

Skills checklist

You should be able to say, I can...

  • take attendance, setup a grade book, add assignments, enter grades, and write comments on the LMS

  • create a multiple-choice quiz on the portal that allows students to take the test over again if they so choose

  • post a link to my class’s bulletin board

  • write a curriculum map that meets requirements in the number of lessons, the quality of descriptions, the list of topics, and the inclusion of daily lesson goals

  • attach files and links to my unit maps

  • sort my Gmail inbox using categories and labels

  • create a folder in Google Drive and share a read-only link with my students and their parents.

  • create a folder in Google Drive for each of my students and give each individual permission to edit their particular folder

  • access the contents of my Google Drive without opening a web browser (by using Google Drive File Stream)

  • duplicate a read-only document in Google Drive so I have my own editable copy

  • make a survey for my students on Google Forms and analyze the results

  • turn a Google Doc into a Microsoft Word document and back again

  • leave comments on a student’s Google Doc

How to Test

In person

Schedule a time with me to get yourself certified:


I'm still working on an effective, easy way to checkoff the above skills remotely. Think you've got an answer? Fire away and I'd be happy to sign off on whatever you've got.