Presentation Rules

Present like a professional and that's what you'll be

1: Consistent styles

Keep a pattern. It's pleasing to your audience and allows them to quickly sort out the information. Use familiar layouts. Stick with the same fonts throughout your presentation. If you use an image effect when placing a picture, use it on all your images.

2: Keep text short

Don't use complete sentences. Imagine the words as a backup singer. Your audience should not have to stop listening to you in order to read.

Focus should remain on you, the presenter. Slides are just backup

3: Size your fonts

The larger your audience, the larger your font size should be.

4: Don't look at your slides

Stay with your audience. A glance at the slides is fine.

5: Minimal effects

Classic sign of an over-enthusiastic student is a document covered with borders, text art and image effects. The very best presentations are remembered for their substance so don't let the styling get out of control.